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Bathroom Remodeling Virginia Beach, VA

We are Virginia Beaches premier bathroom remodeling contractor. We provide Newport News, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk and The Beach bathroom remodeling, and bathroom design services.

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Complete bathroom renovation in Virginia Beach. Glass partitioned shower and restroom, with seamless faux marble walls and floor to match. Vaulted ceiling.

Welcome to Virginia Beach Bathroom Remodeling

Expertly Crafted, Attention to Detail, Elegantly Designed, Professional Service. 

We are a company that has been in charge of remodeling hundreds of bathrooms around the Hampton Roads Area. For more than 15 years, we have provided excellence and dedication. Our clients choose us for our experience, flawless reputation, and excellent remodeling craftsmanship.

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with an excellent remodeling experience and to execute their remodeling project with careful attention to each space’s need. Our personalized customer attention separates us from other bathroom contractors in the area and is why homeowners continue to prefer us from Newport News to Suffolk to Va Beach.

Through 15 years of projects in the field, we have developed and perfected our services, which is why we can give your master bathroom or family bathroom the work it deserves. What started as a small adventure for you today, results in a bathroom synonymous with quality and sophistication tomorrow. 

Our commitment is to provide our clients with a custom bathroom design that achieves a new level of satisfaction and functionality that results in comfort and elegance – from the smallest detail to the grandest design. We take each project with enthusiasm. We understand what you go through to start a project of this scale. Contact us to show what we can do for you.

Our Custom bathroom contractor Services

Providing a service of this nature means recognizing the challenges involved in beginning the remodeling process. Even for the largest bathroom contractors, each client has their own sensibilities, and we must adjust to guarantee a satisfactory result.


Remodeling any part of your home is stressful. It involves juggling multiple tasks at the same time and has the potential for going sideways. Bathroom remodeling is no different. There are so many considerations. Between plumbing, picking the correct countertop, to shower/tub combinations and finishes. Getting the bathroom style you are looking for is undoubtedly a job that has driven more than one person insane. For this reason, at Virginia Beach Bathroom Remodeling we want to relieve you of all that stress and trouble, guaranteeing that your wishes for your bathroom remodel come true thanks to our team of bathroom renovation design experts and professionals.


As Custom Bathroom Contractors, we understand this reality, and we work based on it, one of the keys that have allowed our company to remain in business successfully after 25 years. It’s time for you to start that long-awaited project. Please do not leave a master bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel project to luck. Contact us today for your free quote.

Remodeled bathroom in basement of Virginia Beach home. white on grey throughout with glass enclosed shower and soaking tub.


Bathroom Contractors

In Virginia Beach, we are Bathroom Contractors who understand our clients’ needs and design a plan from the beginning to identify the faults and necessary improvements that your bathroom requires. Our bathroom renovation service takes care of executing the remodeling service, paying attention to even the smallest detail – from creation to completion.


We are a complete remodeling service from bathroom layout and design to the heavy work of installing bathtubs, new fixtures, lighting, and tile. We also complete high-end custom bathroom remodels – custom counters and vanities, waterproof sound systems, and walk-in dual showerheads. Our services also include in-house renovation plumbers that update and move current plumbing to allow for a new efficient bathroom layout. 


Installing modern bathroom floors is another of our services, including radiant floor heating and custom floor material that best suits your needs. We have access to a wide variety of vanity materials, from quartz, marble, laminate, concrete, natural stone, and more exotic materials. Similarly, we have material options for your walls to ensure a well-balanced bathroom, both in design and style, without losing comfort and functionality.

Virginia Beach bathroom with plants and asian art, completed by bathroom contractors in va beach


Master Bathroom Remodeling

One of the projects that excite us the most is the remodeling of the master bathroom. Master suites usually have the most extensive and best-designed bathroom in the house. It’s usually when remodeling the master bathroom that our clients share their most grand and risky ideas.


The truth is that the ensuites, being the owners’ most personal space, tend to have a more privileged position in bathroom remodeling. Like the master bathroom contractors we are, we take this opportunity to create and design something incredible and deliver that dazzling bathroom with top-quality materials and a stunning design.


We’ll discuss installing touchless fixtures, natural stone floors, seamless glass walls, and much more. It is usually the project most attractive to our clients, and we take its execution very seriously to meet the expectations and deliver outstanding results. We invite you to learn more about what we can offer you and your master ensuite by messaging us today.

Master Bathroom Remodeling done in Virginia Beach. Dark wood vanity with cabinets on white vanity top. L shaped counter with two sinked on either side.


Custom Bathroom Design

You will not find another contractor in the Norfolk or Newport News area that offers the quality that we are ready to provide. Our service and products are of the highest quality making sure to please even the most refined customers. Custom bathroom design is exceptional for us because we know how important it is for our clients to implement these updates. The trust that customers place when choosing us to remodel their bathrooms is something we are always grateful for and ready to offer the best quality bathroom design available in the market.


Custom bathroom remodeling involves careful work that consists of designing an entire room in your home. Lighting systems, plumbing, toilets, tubs, showers, walls, floors, sinks, etc., All of these elements must be evaluated and replaced – often with joy. Custom renovation must also follow a design style that grants balance between the different areas of the bathroom and the home. We take all this into account, and no problem has been too extensive and complex enough that we can’t resolve and on time. In the Hampton Roads area, you can find us for more information or message us today to discuss your project.

custom designed bathroom with double vanity in white and soaking tub. glass enclosed shower can be seen in corner. Virginia Beach
This Is Why

You Should Choose Us to Remodel Your Bathroom

We've Designed some of the nicest bathrooms around Hampton Roads

Man, our corner of Virginia is great! Being on the corner of the Chesapeake Bay gives us access to incredible seafood, but it also provides a tremendous relaxed, beach vibe throughout town. It's just a wonderful place. This area is beautiful for sure, but does your bathroom give you that relaxed vibe and beautiful views? To us it makes sense that if you live in a beautiful area that you want your bathroom, and your home, to match that beauty. A bathroom that is showing it's age, that's dated in design, that doesn't look clean no matter how hard you scrub, can alter your daily experience. For instance. A day spent eating great food, spending time on the beach, going on a hike and finishing the day with drinks is a solid day. If you started and finished that day in an average bathroom, it's still a solid day, but it could be better. That same day started in an elegantly designed master bathroom with dual shower heads, heated floors and granite vanity tops is a great day. From beginning to end, it's just perfect. That's what we've created in bathrooms all over the Hampton Roads area. Let's see what we can do for you.

You'll have a bathroom Contractor that listens to your needs.

When you are investing your time, emotions, and money in a bathroom remodel, not being heard can be frustrating. It's your bathroom so you want certain features and style that you know you will enjoy for a very long time. Not getting what you wanted out, or being disappointed in the end result of a bath remodel can sour the experience for you and also for us. Our end goal for you is to have a finished bathroom that you are thrilled with. That's why we take special measures to ensure you are happy with the finished product. If you have an idea, pass it onto us. If you want a particular feature, let us know. Chances are we will know exactly what you need. Other times we can recommend a solution that you may not be aware of and that you may like even more.

We can add value to your home through a bath remodel

The Virginia Beach housing market has always been pretty strong. Especially today when people may be looking to escape the larger metropolitan areas. The outside neighborhoods around Suffolk and Newport News are exactly what people are looking for. So if you've thought of selling, recently bought a Fixer Upper, or you want to put money back into your home with an updated bathroom, now may be the time. We can develop a strong remodeling plan to complete your bathroom on time and on budget. If you are flipping a house, we can come in with value-add materials that still look sharp and will appeal to potential home buyers. For the homeowner who is staying in their home and just wants to update their bathroom, we can use high-quality items that will last and that will get good use. And of course, we can make any bathroom look glorious with high-end features and materials. The sky is the limit, but we can be grounded on budget and project scope,

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