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Newport News Bathroom Remodeling

Our Bathroom Remodeling Service In Newport News, VA

Choosing a vanity top for your Newport News bathroom can leave your head spinning. There are a lot of design and style options to choose from. Luckily for you is that we can find the right style and color vanity top at any price point.

Whether you need to match your shower and cabinets with your bathroom countertop. There are nearly endless viable options.

The Best Bathroom Countertops

Countertops should serve as an aesthetic element and as something durable that resists daily and constant use. Cosmetics, chemicals, soaps, and hair dyes are a variety of products with abrasive properties that could harm your countertop. It would help if you had a countertop made of heat or oil-resistant material whilst still retaining a visual appeal. The choice of the countertop depends mainly on your taste and budget. Each material has its positive and negative points, while one is more expensive than others.

Granite and Marble Countertops

Granite and marble. In your master bathroom, installing granite or marble can be very beneficial to attract buyers and improve your property’s value. Marble or granite gives you a sleek and elegant look. With granite, you can provide this luxurious aesthetic without leaving all of your budgets in one upgrade, thanks to the current variety available in the market. 

The cost of granite will be higher than what you would spend on other materials that can recreate the same appearance, such as laminate. But the benefit of granite and marble is their luxury feel and resistance to heat and water. The con of marble is that it’s porous and will stain with certain hair and body products.

Laminate Vanity Tops

Laminate. Low cost and available in a wide variety of types, from marble-like to quartz. The popularity of laminate lies not only in its cost but in the versatility it brings. It resists water and is relatively safe again scratches. However, it does not withstand heat very well.

bathroom remodeling completed in Newport News with a wood vanity top and a white basin sink against white tile and brick

Ceramic Bathroom Countertops

Ceramics. While the significant negative point of ceramic countertops is their high maintenance, well-installed quality ceramic can be an option to consider for its wide variety of colors and artistic looks to implement on the surface of your countertop.

Bathroom Tile Countertops

Tile. Tile countertops can provide a nice personalized look that you can’t get with other materials. However, with tile, you fight against mold and mildew in the grout – just as in the shower.  There are maintenance cons to consider.


These are the four most popular materials for countertops, and you can find them with us to ensure the best installation and design.

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