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Norfolk Bathroom Remodeling

Our Bathroom Remodeling Service In Newport News, VA

Any value-adding activities you can do to your Norfolk home will pay dividends down the road. This is especially true in areas of your home that get a lot of use – such as the bathrooms.

Homebuyers take hard looks at just a few areas of the home when deciding to make a purchase or not. On top of the list are bathrooms, in particular the master ensuite. A smartly designed and inviting master bath will go far in getting an interested buyer to throw down an offer on your Norfolk home. 

How much does Remodeling a bathroom add to your home value?

Remodeling an area of the house is usually motivated by two reasons. One is to improve the functionality and comfort that it provides to the home. The other is to increase the property’s value.


However, not all renovations end up adding value in the same way. Some may end up adding less or more value depending on the avenue you take. What you want out of your bath remodel will dictate your strategy. You want to go into a renovation knowing clearly whether you are remodeling your bathroom to increase the value of your property, or for purely aesthetic reasons.


The answer will depend on the magnitude and quality of the bathroom renovation. For house flippers or those getting ready to sell, it’s a numbers game. You want even more value for your spending. But a homeowner that is updating their master bath may still want value but are willing to invest more in features and comforts that are important to them. 

On average, homeowners spent up to $ 20,000 on a mid-range remodel while renovating in 2019, data reported by the National Association of Realtors (RNA). We see the same here in city.

The resale value that adds to your home is around $14,000.

A high-end remodel will cost around $65,000 and add close to $40,000. 


If you are a homeowner looking to renovate your bathroom on a tight budget, there are many alternatives when it comes to renovating your bathroom that will keep costs to a minimum, while improving your return on investment.

It is essential to recognize that a new bathroom provides unmatched appeal compared to an outdated one that shows signs of decay. This is especially true for those selling their homes. 



bathroom remodeled in Norfolk with white soaking sub below a large bay window and dark brown wood floors

You can achieve this goal without pushing your budget to the limit with small improvements that you can complement with other changes that you consider a necessity for your bathroom.


  • You can improve the cabinetry with a fresh coat of 100% acrylic enamel paint

  • Install less expensive laminated bathroom sinks 

  • Modernize the flooring with water-resistant laminate or waterproof vinyl.

  • Install energy-efficient upgrades like a touchless faucet – pricier but adds a wow factor.


Any one of these updates alone will give your bathroom a dramatic change and increase the appeal to your bathroom without having to make a significant expense. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a partial or total transformation, the satisfaction that comes with using and seeing the improvements to your completed bathroom are immense and all our clients share the same feeling.


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